It's Not Stock goes to Dubs at the Gap 2022

It's Not Stock goes to Dubs at the Gap 2022

Posted by Sean Kirk on Sep 21st 2022

This year we decided to check out Dubs at the Gap as a spectator, since there was so many events taking place in September. It's been nice to get to enjoy the shows, walk around and check out all the cars, hang out with people and not be tied to the booth! Dubs at the Gap has such a great laid back environment with a breathtaking view! This is a show you don't want to miss out on as it's growing every year!

Dubs at the Gap 2022 was held at the Rocky Gap State Park Amphitheater in Flintstone, MD. The main show took place on Sunday September 18th and we lucked out with some awesome weather! The morning fog made for some really, really cool pictures and I somewhat wish it stayed like that all day haha!

Leading up to the main show, there was still plenty to do though too! We got in late Friday night, so we missed it, but there was a cruise and hang out and a brewery that happened. Saturday morning there was the Dubs and Donuts meet, which we did make it out to, and from there we headed out to hit the trails for the B2BFAB Off-Road Wheeling GTG, which you can read more about and check out here! The off road excursion lasted about 5 hours in total, so we did miss out on a cruise that happened, but we made it to the brewery to hang out for the rest of the night!

I tried to get as many photos as I could, and had intentions on getting a photo of every car in the show, but once the sun started coming out strong and the lighting got harsh I started to give up on that a little. I know there were a few corners of the show I missed, but I did get most cars on camera!

Special thanks to Jonathan Leyh for organizing the show and putting together a great event. And also to Arno from B2BFAB for letting me tag along, not only for the off-road cruise, but for the whole weekend! This is a show I'll definitely be back at in the future!

Full album of photos here!