B2BFAB Off-Road Wheeling GTG at Dubs at the Gap 2022

B2BFAB Off-Road Wheeling GTG at Dubs at the Gap 2022

Posted by Sean Kirk on Sep 20th 2022

For the past couple of years, I've been hearing lots of good things about Dubs at the Gap. So this year we made an effort to make it out to spectate. We didn't set up a booth since there was just so much going on in September it was a bit overwhelming, but I knew for sure that I wanted to make it out to hang out and enjoy the show! While walking around L'oe Show I stopped by the B2BFAB booth and was talking with Arno. He mentioned he also wanted to check out Dubs at the Gap and said there was an off-road wheeling get together that he thought would be fun to check out and see what the Taos could do! Sadly Brandon couldn't make it with the Atlas due to plans with his family.

Arno reached out to Ben who had started the off road cruise as well as Jon Leyh, the founder of Dubs at the Lake and Dubs at the Gap shows to see about getting involved and both were happy to have B2BFAB sponsor that segment of the event! Arno asked if I wanted to come along and of course the answer was yes! Arno went down a week before the event to meet with Ben and scope out the trails and plan the route.

The trails weren't anything too difficult, making them do-able for anything with a moderate lift and a good set of tires. There were some optional parts though that were a little more challenging that not everyone could do, like the optional hill climb which was pretty steep and needed good ground clearance and a water crossing which also got probably 3 feet or so deep at one part. We had a total of 8 VW's and surprisingly, no Audi's on the cruise. It started at 11AM where we left from Dubs and Donuts and ended up being about 5 hours long in total, with a few stops for photos and the hill climb and such. Everyone made it out of the woods safe and sound, with no one getting stuck or having any major issues!

With how successful this trip went, we're planning on doing it again for both Dubs at the Lake and Dubs at the Gap shows in the future and hope to grow this portion of the event more as time goes on! If you want to get out there and explore with us next year, we'd love to make that happen and are B2BFAB dealers! :)

We had the DJI Osmo Pocket gimbal mounted on a couple of cars during the cruise and have some hill climb and water crossing videos from the Canon to edit as well, but figured we'd get the photos posted since those are edited!

Special Thanks to: 

Jonathan Leyh - Dubs at the Gap Host

Arno - B2BFAB - Sponsor of Off-Road Wheeling GTG

Ben - Host of the Off-Road Wheeling GTG

Full album of the Off-Road Wheeling GTG here! Full show coverage and video from this portion to come!