Ride of the Month - Deion's MK7 GTI - July 2022

Ride of the Month - Deion's MK7 GTI - July 2022

Posted by Sean Kirk on Jun 30th 2022

As the summer months roll in, we decided to turn up the heat a bit with Deion's MK7 GTI. This one may not be for everyone, and that's kind of the point. If you know me, I'm a bit dual personality - I like both stance and performance and can respect any well-rounded build. While Deion's car gets a lot of both love and hate, we're sure of one thing - He gets a ton of enjoyment out of this car and so do we!

I'm certain that some of you are looking at this and saying "too much camber" and that's fine. It's a bit controversial and we get it. But if anyone is pulling off the cambered look on a MK7, I think Deion takes the cake! Something about this car is just so right! Maybe it helps that he's somewhat local and we've seen his car progress over time. And quite honestly, when he rolled up next to our MK7.5 GTI in Mexico one day, he had us a bit shook at how quick his car was! The smile on his face said it all - This is what cars are about. They're about having fun in your own way and making memories.

Deion has done it all himself too, everything from the vinyl wrap to the alignments! There's nothing wrong with paying someone to install your parts for you, but we do have an extra appreciation for those who do all of their own work! We're super grateful to be able to help supply him with parts recently and definitely look forward to working with him more and seeing him out at events!

Now onto the modifications:

Engine & Drivetrain:

Suspension, Wheels & Tires:


Exterior & Interior:

  • Full wrap in "Issasecret Blue"
  • BMP Tuning LED Headlights 
  • BMP Tuning Euro Taillights 
  • Dynamic Turn Signals 
  • DutchPartsCo Front Splitter 
  • ECS Tuning Gloss Black Diffuser
  • Aerofabb Rear Spoiler 
  • KillAllWipers Delete

IG: @low.gti

Photo Credits: @TMillerMedia