Ride of the Month - Alex's MK7 GTI - September 2022

Ride of the Month - Alex's MK7 GTI - September 2022

Posted by Sean Kirk on Sep 1st 2022

Ahhh... A good ol' 2 door GTI! And one with OEM+ themed mods makes it even cooler!

For some people, it's been tough adjusting to the fact that the GTI has grown into a now exclusively 4 door hatchback. But if you are or were in the market for a 2015 or 2016 MK7 GTI, you can find yourself a 2 door if you look hard enough! For Alex, the 2015 base S model trim with the manual transmission was perfect since it had the Clark Plaid seats he really wanted and the rest could be upgraded over time. And they do come fairly well equipped for a base trim car too!

With the lighting package style headlights, the OEM Euro tail lights and the 8" screen retro-fitted from the facelift cars, it all really brings this early MK7 up to date! As you can tell from the list below, Alex hasn't skimped on the quality of his parts, and those KW coilovers we sold him ensure his car rides like a dream! 

So what's all done to Alex's GTI? The list is below!

Engine & Drivetrain:

Suspension, Wheels & Tires:


Exterior & Interior:

  • Spyder OEM Lighting Package Style Headlights
  • OEM Euro MK7 Taillights
  • Gloss Black Roof & Spoiler Wrap
  • Plaid Shift Boot
  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
  • 8" Screen Retrofit and MIB2 conversion

IG: @ajulesMK7

Photo Credits: @nikki_gli