It's Not Stock goes to VAGFair York 2022

It's Not Stock goes to VAGFair York 2022

Posted by Sean Kirk on Aug 8th 2022

For the 16th year in a row, VAGFair knocked it out of the park with another awesome event! This is our second year there as a vendor and we had a great time catching up with everyone, meeting new people and checking out some dope ass cars! I've been attending VAGFair since 2009 personally, and this is one I make sure not to miss!

While we didn't make VAGFair Maine this year, this one being less than 2 hours away in our home state gave us no excuses! We arrived on Saturday just after 9AM and set up our booth. Saturday is pretty quiet and laid back compared to Sunday, so I was able to squeeze out mid day to check out some of the cars that showed up and get a few photos. We closed up the booth a little after 3PM as things started getting pretty quiet and went to check in at our hotel. From there, we were starving, and figured we could beat the crowd and grab a bite to eat at Collusion Tap Works before the 6PM Rotiform beer launch! We spent a few hours there grabbing food and hanging out and got a few more photos of a few cars in the lot. From there we went back to the Wyndham hotel for a little car meet in the parking lot where we hung out for the rest of the night!

Sunday was the big show day and the turnout was great! It was hot as hell, but definitely worth it! We gave out a ton of free air fresheners, sold some parts and met so many cool people! There were lots of good conversations and we even heard a few of our customer's names being called for trophies! We closed up right around 4PM on Sunday as the show started winding down after the trophies were called. We packed up the cars and while I was glad to be sitting in some AC on the drive home, we already started to miss the show and look forward to next year again!

Special thanks to VAGFair for having us, the entire VAGFair staff for busting their butts in some crazy heat to make sure we all had a good time and all the attendees and sponsors for making the event possible! This one really made us realize how much we love what we do!

Below are some of our favorite cars / photos from the event, but the full album can be seen here!