It's Not Stock goes to Dubs at the Lake 2022!

It's Not Stock goes to Dubs at the Lake 2022!

Posted by Sean Kirk on May 24th 2022

After hearing a bunch of people talk about how great Dubs at the Lake is, I decided to add it to our to-do list this show season. We didn't set up a booth or really have much of a presence there, besides myself, as I wanted to enjoy the event and get a feel for it. This was my first year there and I'm glad I went! 

I almost took the MK4, but considering how rarely I drive it anymore, I'm not sure I trust it as much as I used to for that long of a drive. Even though that cars done the drive to Helen and back for SoWo a few times, that was nearly 10 years ago, so the MK7.5 seemed like the better option.

We'll definitely be back again, although Alpine Volks Fair is pretty tempting too I've got to admit! Not if, but when we do return to Dubs at the Lake, we may even look into having a booth setup there or sponsoring the event in some way too!

I arrived in McHenry, MD after the 4.5 hour drive right around noon on Saturday. I met up with a buddy and we checked into our hotel, grabbed some food and started heading over for the cruise! This is where the photos started. Luckily, I was in the last line to pull out so I was able to take some photos as the cars rolled out. The roads and the views are nothing short of amazing there, but be careful, as one wrong move could end you in the lake in a handful of spots! After the cruise we ended up at a meet with a ton of awesome cars, where I started my sunburn and took a bunch more photos.

Sunday was show day, and luckily we were able to squeeze into the local car wash in the morning. I registered the MK7.5 GTI in the show, but mainly just to park with my friends and because I wasn't sure how far spectator parking would be. I was able to further my sunburn here and get a bunch more photos! I tried to get as many cars as possible, but I do also have ADHD so I definitely missed some areas haha!

Here's a link to the full album on Flickr! And some of our favorite photos / cars below!

If you see your car or a friends, don't be shy and reach out to us and let us know so we can meet some more of you!